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By day, I do machine learning for the insurance company Aviva Canada; by night (well, by evenings and weekends and early mornings before I go to work) I'm a blogger and data hacker and programmer for my own amusement. Going backwards in time, I've been a Content Marketer, a Genomics Research Assistant, a Proteomics Team Leader, a Laboratory Technician, a Chemistry Student, a Writer, a Publicist, a Newspaper Editor, a Journalist, a Proofreader, a Dramatist, an Opera Singer and Composer, a Music Student, an Economics Student, and a kid. I think I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up, but no promises.

My particular interest is insights you can get from data that fall between the cracks of the trivially simple and inordinately complex: demonstrating things you already know, but didn't know you knew. I also like enjoy wit, whimsy, juxtaposition, analysis for its own sake and creativity for its own sake.

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David Taylor
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A blog about data spelunking

I post data visualizations and analyses. I like to explore and debunk, and view askew.


My other, nerdier blog

Here I post in-depth about the science and code and reasoning behind my prooffreader.com analyses, plus some other stuff that's nerd-specific.

Prooffreader's Whimsy  

My webcomic

Here I illustrate the strange, hopefully funny things that appear unbidden in my brain, only very slightly hampered by the fact that I'm only a mediocre illustrator.


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   Telephone: (514) 482-577-one

   Facebook: prooffreaderdotcom

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