Software Development


  • See also, of course, my résumé.
  • I have been reading about and writing Python for sixteen years.
  • I don't have a comp sci degree so I'm competent at whiteboard interviews, but that's not where I shine
  • I am an expert on best practices and maintainable code. My unofficial job title in a previous position was "best practices guru"
  • A short list of the non-data-sciency and non-data-engineering-specific stuff (which is on its own page) stuff I know and can do
  • Object-oriented programming and metaclasses; I can speak knowledgeably about the __new__ dunder method
  • Functional, pure functional and lambda programming
  • Asyncio and Multiprocessing
  • Unusual but useful portions of the standard library like bisect
  • AWS with and without the boto3/botocore Python ecosystem
  • Very unusual for a programmer, I love writing documentation and, even more, intelligently designing and maintaining it
  • Version control (Git), JIRA, all of those tools

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